Yuxarı Keçid

Burning Mountain

yanar-1“Yanar Dag” – literal translation “Burning Mountain” – one of the attractive attractions of Absheron, is located in the village of Mehhemmedi. The slope of the mountain is engulfed by flames both day and night, for several millennia. In fact, Yanardag justifying his name, embraced by flames and burning day and night. Burning for many millennia, frightening and fascinating travelers, passing by, travelers, historians, believers and scientists.

Of course, in fact, natural gas is released from the upper layers of the soil, which lights up and gives the impression of being gripped by the eternal flames of the mountain. However, despite the quite understandable from the point of view of science explanation, many legends are associated with this mountain, and local people (and not only them) still consider the mountain sacred and worship it. Earlier, at the foot of the mountain, fire worshipers gathered from all over the world, especially from India and Iran.Today, the flow of tourists from Russia, Germany, Japan, Korea, Norway, too, is not weakening. Moreover, the mountain is still a place of pilgrimage of Buddhists who believe in the sanctity of this mountain and meditate at its foot. Today, this miracle of the world is the historical reserve of Azerbaijan and is protected by the state. Visit the amazing and mysterious Yanardag, we advise everyone who loves history and travel, those who believe in miracles.

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