Yuxarı Keçid

Mud volcanoes

vulkanu-1The combination in a single tour of industrial facilities, environmental phenomena and historical monuments – an extremely rare phenomenon, it is necessary to remember this. So today we offer you a special route – visit the mud volcanoes. Foreign spetsialisty- oilmen and geologists working in Absheron, with interest visit these places, and bringing their friends here. In Azerbaijan, there are over 300 mud volcanoes, ie almost half of the existing on our planet. That volcanoes in Azerbaijan are represented in all its diversity, among them are giants – Toragay, Big Kanizdag in Gobustan, and Otmanbozdag Bozdag Gyuzdek-Absheron with altitudes up to 400 meters. Goturdag – the only volcano in the world, where the eruption process is not interrupted for a long time. Among the eight islands of Baku archipelago of volcanic origin: Garasu, Zembil, Khara-Zira and others. vulkanu-2vulkanu-2Gryazevoy Bogboga volcano in Absheron is an “underground laboratory”, in which oil is produced. So say scientists at the end of the XIX century. Yes, a mud volcano – a sure sign of the presence in the depths of the oil and gas. However, volcanoes are of great interest not only for geologists but also nature lovers, naturalists. Scientists have long offered to develop hiking trails located near the nature reserve Gobustanskog Dashgil mud volcanoes, one of the largest and most active in our country. It is planned to create mud baths, and valuable raw materials will last for millions of years. Volcanic mud has exceptionally high balneological effect, they requested in gynecology and cosmetology. vulkanu-3 this routes are interesting and that pass through the districts of Absheron rich in historical and archaeological monuments. For example, between the villages of Nardaran and Bilgah on the image map of the sky found plateau. Absheron ancient astronomers accurately applied on flat ground rock hewn constellation of the Great Bear, Cassiopeia, the North Star in the form of pits to a depth of 30 cm and a diameter of 20cm.vulkanu-3 Time cards creat- III-II millennium BC. The people called the plateau muselallah Yeri, which means “the place where the ritual takes place rainmaking.” Near the Ateshgyaha is Moshi Hammam – mud baths, next to which hydrogen sulphide has a source that is used for medicinal purposes for over one hundred and fifty years. In the village there is Digah iconic mountain Zoroastrianism Yanardag times with outputs of burning gas for many years. Curtained route can have binagadi asphalt lake in MDM remains of animals inhabiting the Absheron hundreds of thousands of years ago.

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