Yuxarı Keçid

Maiden Tower

It is the most majestic and mysterious monument of architecture of Baku and the Absheron peninsula, as well. The Tower is the historical monument located near to the seaside park (Boulevard), in the south-eastern part of the ancient fortress walls (Icherisheher). This rare monument of three towers has a lot of historical and architectural problems.

The height of 28 m, a diameter at the ground floor is 16.5 m. The wall thickness at the ground floor is 5 meters. The inner side of the Tower is divided into 8 floors. Each floor was covered with dome-shaped ceiling built of hewn stones. The Tower began to operate as a museum since 1964, and in 2000 it was enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

One of the emblems of Azerbaijan, the Maiden\’s Tower was described repeatedly on banknotes and coins of Azerbaijan.