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Attractions in Azerbaijan: Lahij

Lagich-1 mountain village Lahij – Ismayilli – has earned its fame and popularity not only in Azerbaijan, but also far beyond its borders, which has long been turned into a solid craft area. It made brassware, leather, embossing, skilled work potters and wood carvers. It is connected with the outside world only through the winding mountain road that runs along the steep ravines, and in which access is extremely difficult, even in good weather, not to mention the rainy and snowy weather, when to go to such a journey of more than risky. The first thing that catches your eye when you visit Lahij, this girl dressed in colorful national costumes, carrying on their shoulders copper jugs of various shapes and sizes. Scientists believe no coincidence that it is the cradle of Lahij copper crafts in Azerbaijan, preserved in the form of unique crafts, and the village itself for many years was essentially the capital of the copper business of the Caucasus and for centuries was famous for its masterami.lagich-2 Here he writes about masters – craftsmen Azerbaijan Alexandre Dumas: “These artists have in their shops are no other things than those which they do – for example, the gunsmiths have swords, but no arms, the” rukoyatochnikov “is the handle, but do not have blades. The buyer acquires the sword from one master, sends it in another, and the sheath orders already in the third. ” Once more in Lahij thousands of artisans engaged in the copper business, the production of copper products were exclusively men’s work, demanding uncommon strength and agility. However, it happened in life, that the results of a purely male and arduous labor is almost always used only by women. Thus men by making copper pots and dishes, always trying to make such an original engraving, to be able to bring to the dishes produced as much as possible attention to the hosts. lagich-3 LagichPri look at Lahij from the top lying nearby mountains seems that its stone buildings scattered on the slopes without any – any plans and calculations. In addition, each house has a flat roof, and the inside of the building there was a special device called “courcy” designed for heating residential premises. It was placed in the middle of the room in a recess on the top floor and covered with a large “blanket.” In courcy BBQ set, in which there were embers. Often the inhabitants of the house went to bed at night to courcy feet – like a large blanket. lagich-4 at the end of the XIX century in Lahij, there were more than 180 workshops of craftsmen – coppersmiths. Lahij is especially famous for its copper jugs, dishes, coffee pots, decorative glasses, scabbard for daggers and swords. And today, like hundreds of years ago, craftsmen – coppersmiths engrave on their original products, not only their initials and the date of manufacture of the next masterpiece, but also memorable openwork inscription in Arabic script. In addition to the masters – coppersmiths, in Lahij it had a lot of highly skilled professionals and other crafts – tanners, engravers, potters, blacksmiths, clothing makers, gunsmiths and jewelers. All the shops of artisans located in Lahij, as in the old days, along the main shopping street, and if you wander through it for several hours, you can find a lot of completely unique things that can not be found in any other part of not only Azerbaijan but also the world. Many in Lahij and small shops called “Attar”, which sells a variety of medicinal herbs and mining tools capable of heal from back pain and aching joints. Lahij is different from many other mountain villages of Azerbaijan for its famous fortress Girdiman, which was built in the V century. heritage of UNESCO.