Yuxarı Keçid

The Village: Kish

kush-1The village – Kish, where is located one of the most famous monument in the Caucasus Albanian architecture. This apostolic temple for many years been the subject of intense interest and study not only of Azerbaijani scientists. As a result of the excavation revealed that the temple was built in the V century, and its foundation of the ancient builders established in the first century! Thus, it was confirmed that the church in Kish – the oldest in the Caucasus Christian building, which was laid on the site once stood a pagan temple there. As it turned out, the church in Kish several times completed and was revised, and in its composition and appearance over the years has consistently made changes and new motifs. It is important to note that, according to the plans of the members of the joint Norwegian and Azerbaijani archaeological expedition, the apostolic church in Kish now completely renovated, will be turned into a museum of history of the whole of the Caucasian Albania, the state which has existed for over 1000 years. Scientists still believe that the temple in Kish is one of the most ancient centers of Christianity not only in the Caucasus but also throughout the world.