Yuxarı Keçid

Flame Towers


Located on the shores of the Caspian Sea , on the south coast of the Absheron peninsula and on a hill overlooking the Bay of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, the old and historical heart of the city and the park , this landmark trio of buildings transformed the horizon and promotes its historical identity .

The Flame Towers , which have become a symbol of modern Baku , have received the MIPIM 2013 International Award for the best hotel and resort , also increased investment in innovative European property market .

With a maximum height of 190m , Baku Flame Towers are among the tallest structures in Azerbaijan. Its design, with a continuously curved shape , makes these structures challenge rarely attempted .

Towers , whose design corresponds to Pierre Baillargeon , create a triangular formation joined together by a base formed by an undulating podium . The curved shapes of the towers ending in a point , like the pieces of a necklace of peaks, which curve around the gardens of the roof, providing a measure of protection.


The complex consists of three towers that share a common podium that acts as an anchor for the entire project , providing shopping and leisure facilities for residents and visitors .

* Tower 1 Residential : 33 floors , 190m high

* Tower 2 , Hotel: 30 floors , 160 m high

* Tower 3 offices : 28 floors, 140 m high

* Podium : retail and leisure space , 78m in height