Yuxarı Keçid

Palace of Shaki Khans

A peculiar architectural symbol of those times was and remains, famous for the whole Caucasus Palace of Sheki Khans. It was built by order of Huseyn khan inside the town walls in 1762 and is the most famous architectural monument of the surrounding places.

Especially highlighted in the composition of the Khan’s palace carved wooden window frames, stained glass windows. Their individual parts so skillfully and carefully adjusted the masters, that it seems as if they are whole. They call such-Shebeke window frames, and they can count up to 14 thousand individual subtle elements on the 1 square meter area. Interestingly, these elements are not fastened in any composition or nails. Typically, the wizard sawed apart every detail of openwork wooden and colored glass, and then manually formed inimitable stained glass pattern. It is no coincidence Palace of Sheki Khans received the unofficial status among Orientalists scientists – the “mirror of medieval Azerbaijani architecture.” Speaking of its unique beauty, the famous Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet rightly said: “Even if Azerbaijanis and there would be other monuments, it would be enough to show the rest of the world only Sheki Khan’s palace.” Interestingly, Khan’s palace was conceived solely as a summer residence. It is a fairly low two-storey building, each floor where three rooms. By the way, Huseyn khan of Shaki rules for 20 years until 1779 and, apart from the unique abilities of the ruler, remained in the memory as a talented poet. This, according to experts, is due to the amazing variety of creative

decorations and ornaments that were used in the creation of the Palace of Sheki Khans. So, inside the palace made numerous murals. On the women’s polovinesteny painted flowers bloom, while in Khan’s chambers on the walls is dominated by scenes of hunting animals and battles with the advancing enemies Sheki. On the ground floor of the palace set of impressive dimensions fireplace called Bukhari, which warms the cool evenings of its inhabitants. It is still unknown name of the architect who built the Khan’s palace and the adjacent winter palace with him. And here to a place apart from individual artists or architects, and itself an indescribable atmosphere of Sheki – its unique aura of human creativity and freedom – as the chief architect and mastermind behind the creation of not only the Khan’s palace, but also many other unique architectural gems of the edges.