Yuxarı Keçid


SHAMAXA-1The city of Shamakh – the ancient capital of Azerbaijan – is the land of gardeners and wine growers, skilled silk weavers, in the people this region is called Gulistan, which means “flower garden”. The city of Shamakh was the capital of the Shirvan state and has existed for more than three thousand years. He was mentioned in his time by the Greek historian Ptolemy (he called these places Kemakhia), and the Arabs compared Shamakha in terms of luxury and pomposity of architecture with the capital of the Umayyad caliphate – Damascus, calling these areas “al Shamakhia”, that is, “city of candles” City of lights “or simply” bright city “(it then had about seven thousand inhabitants, and today the population of Shamakhi exceeded 110 thousand people). Alexander Dumas, who visited Shamakhi in 1858, wrote about this city: “Here, far from Paris, in the Caucasian city of Shamakhi, I saw portraits written by Montero and Fonteblo, I even met people here who spoke French. I will not hide – it all made a huge impression on me. “SHAMAXA-2Even before the famous Frenchman, the fearless Russian traveler of the 15th century Afanasy Nikitin visited here, traveling to his voyage “for three seas” to India. In Shamakh, the Juma mosque with two minarets (built in VIII), a caravan-saraev complex with a bath (constructions of the XIV century), as well as a burial vault of shirvanshahs still survive. In addition, in the vicinity of Shamakhi there are excellent opportunities for skiing, plus the most refined wines in Azerbaijan are made in this region of the republic. The amazing sensation of unexplored and touching the ancient secrets leave huge amounts of Shamakhi funerary jars, in which the dead were placed in mobiles. And of course, Shamakh was always famous for its inimitable carpets. The first carpets in the Shamakhi area were made in the 5th century AD, and already the XII-XIII centuries the most beautiful carpets from Shamakhi were exported abroad. Today they can be found not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the museums of Berlin and Istanbul.To weave a large Shamakhi carpet, one master will take a year of hard work. The density of the Shamakhi carpet is up to 50 knots per square centimeter, so it can not be dissolved even with all the desire. The cost of such a wool carpet – a masterpiece – about 250 US dollars per 1 square meter, and foreign tourists such carpets are in great demand.