Yuxarı Keçid


1_qusarGusar is a picturesque town that is located on the border with Dagestan, and near it – the highest mountain in Azerbaijan – Bazarduziu (4466 meters). When the Hissar tribe inhabited the area, there are many waterfalls, and the mausoleum of the sheik Junaida, lined with unique black and purple slabs, is preserved in the town itself.In addition, the museum of Mikhail Lermontov is in the Gusar, who, during the exile to the Caucasus, visited these regions and lived here about 170 years ago. As for the Bazarduzi mountain, it is generally considered a “favorite” of Azerbaijanis, as well as Mount Fuji – for the Japanese or Jomolungma – for the Nepalese. The people call it “black giants” for the majestic and even slightly frightening appearance, and the main mountain range Bazarduzu consists of several peaks located in the neighborhood.