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Magnificent Seaside Boulevard

Magnificent Seaside Boulevard



Baku Boulevard is – a country of hundreds of intersections of roads and the cradle of freedom, purity of soul.

Baku Boulevard is one of the sights of Baku, a favorite vacation spot of Baku and guests. In 2009 it celebrated its 100 anniversary. The length of the park, before the reconstruction, was 16 kilometers, and after general reconstruction is 25 km.

There are many parks and gardens, attractions, cafes, and restaurants. On the boulevard, there are many important municipal buildings as Parachute tower height of 75 m. opened in 1936; Carpet Museum, whose building is shaped like a collapsed carpet; Mugam music center; Complex channels “Little Venice”; historic building Puppet Theatre; the largest in the capital of shopping and entertainment center of Park Boulevard.


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