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Mosques of Absheron

Mosques of Absheron

Ancient mosque Absheron

Duration: 5 hours


1. Dzhuma- Mukhtarov Mosque (XIX c.),  Emircan village

2. Mausoleum – the tomb of Mir Movsum – Steps in the village Shuvalan

3. Mausoleums Haji Abu Turab and Pir Hassan (XVI c.),  Mardakan village

4. Shah Mosque (XV c.),  Mardakan village

5. Pir Ali Ayagy  in the village Buzovna

6. Tomb sister of the eighth Shiite Imam Ali – Rahima Khanum Mosque and (for the greatness of the beauty this mosque are compared with the Indian Taj – Mahal), in Nardaran village

7. Bibi – Heybatskaya mosque (XII century)

History: On the territory of the old Baku are various monumental structures of the ancient and medieval period, but among them are the separate group of monuments, mosques, and madrassas provided. The oldest of them were built on the site of the pagan sacred centers: churches and temples, but also, there are monuments of a later period, such as the mosque of Bibi – Heybatskaya mosque Shah Mosque, which was built on the money of the rich and the patrons Baku.

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